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New EA series plug adapters

A 25-year advance!

Completely re-engineered from the inside out

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Our adapters are used in 17 US embassies worldwide

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TEMPGUARD, the ultimate thermal protection against overload

A TEMPGUARD transformer turns itself off automatically before any damage can be done to the transformer from overload and subsequent overheating.


Mobile Locksmiths: Do not void your key cutter warranty!

Manufacturers require the use of a PURE SINE WAVE inverter to power your key cutting machine in your truck or van. Pure sine wave inverters supply power that is identical to native AC power from a wall outlet, at 2 to 5% harmonic distortion, as opposed to 30 to 50% with an ordinary inverter.

Coming Soon: PowerXchanger

Finally a practical solution for converting both voltage AND frequency! PowerXchanger is a full-featured sine wave output regenerator that produces new, clean, and constant AC power at 120VAC 60Hz.


The Good Stuff


EA9 Type E/F Travel Plug Adapter for Europe (CEE 7/7 Schuko)

This plug adapter changes the shape of an appliance's plug so that it can plug into a Type F (German Style CEE 7/4) European Schuko wall outlet, or a Type E (French Style CEE 7/5) European Schuko wall outlet.

The receptacle side of the adapter can accept any standard household plug type from any country, except the Type M (South African SABS 1661) plug.

The plug side is a CEE 7/7 hybrid Schuko plug, which is compatible with both the German and French variations of the Schuko wall outlet. Its pins are 4.8mm in diameter, 19mm long and spaced 19mm apart. The plug has both side grounding clips and a receptacle for the male grounding pin found in French Schuko sockets.

Our EA Series plug adapters have recently been completely re-engineered from the inside out. It's the first significant advancement in plug adapter technology in 25 years! The redesigned internal structure makes these plug adapters the only ones on the market that meet IEC 60884-2-5 Amperage Rating / Temperature Rise standards.

Don't know what that means? We'll explain why it's incredibly important. But in the meantime, here's the short answer: It's

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